Skill and Curriculum Vitae

Paolo Guerra

In 1990 I took the position of Technical Sales Manager at SO.DI.RA. Srl in Ravenna, operating in the field of pest control and fumigation of plant products in seaports and agro-industrial settings. In 1993 I became a member of the Board of Directors of the company with a business development portfolio.

In 1996 I left the company to undertake a new project, and started up Insecto Srl, a service company for the inspection, monitoring, pest control and fumigation of agri-food productions and industries, which became a partner to leading Italian agri-food groups. I took part in courses and conferences, including internationally, establishing networks and collaborations with other European companies in the sector.

In 1997, in parallel with Insecto Srl, I participated in the activities of Centro Assistenza e Consulenza Srl in Ravenna as a Technical Expert, and then as a member of the board of directors, and subsequently became a partner of the company. I handled the drafting of HACCP self-inspection manuals, provided support for certifications (ISO and BIO) in various supply chains and for leading agri-food groups, and also acted as auditor and expert witness (cereals, flour, pasta, tobacco, cocoa, nuts and coffee).

In 2004 I sold both companies, which had reached approximately 23 employees (both fixed and seasonal), to ISS Facility Services, a Danish multinational which had entered Italy in those years, purchasing various companies in the industry to establish an organisation of over 220 people. I moved to Milan where I stayed for nearly 5 years, learning to work in highly structured organisations and taking on the position of Technical Manager of Pest Control and of the Food Division. I was also charged with coordinating the Sales Office and with liaising with the group’s technical offices operating in other European countries.

From 2008 to date, I left my position at ISS Hygiene Services and decided to return to Ravenna to live close to my family. I began collaborating with OSD- HPC Srl in Modena and Evoluzione Servizi Srl ( as a Technical Supervisor, which involved researching new pest-control products and technologies and after-sales technical support pertaining to environmental hygiene, monitoring, pest control, and rat control. At the same time, under the Nopest ( I acted as Technical Supervisor for some pest control companies and as Consultant for health-hygiene safety and quality for agri-food industry companies, drawing up Manuals for self-inspection (HACCP). audits and certifications (BRC, ISO, BIO) and plans for monitoring (UNI 11381:2010) and pest-control (UNI EN 16636: 2017).